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... Yes, I'm procrastinating. But I did adopt dragons in doing so! They should hatch by this time next week.

Dragon Eggs:

Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!  Adopt one today!
Dragon Hatchlings:

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In preparation for National Novel Writing Month, I’m taking on a series of challenges where you are provided with 10 words and you have to write a short story including those words. By "short" story, I'm taking a liberty and suggesting to myself that it means between 450 to 550 words (+/- 10% of 500)

I took up
this challenge and produced the following:

10 words to include: Flowers, coke, fire, unwrap, hidden, call, laugh, scarf, Egypt, winter

(Please note, this is unedited and unchecked. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are bound to appear. Feel free to correct me - it's a learning experience)

Penny looked at the wilting flowers in the vase on the window sill. She’d told Gareth she wasn’t a fan of chrysanthemums but he’d brought her some anyway, using the logic she could look at them and smile any time she missed him while he holidayed in Egypt. That had been three weeks ago and hadn’t even bothered to call – some boyfriend he was. Taking her glass of coke from the side, she walked to the living room and settled on the soft leather sofa across from the (electric) fireplace. Bitterly, she bit back tears. It was Christmas Eve, and her family hadn’t called, her boyfriend was away, and her only companion (a cat called Judo) hadn’t come home for three days. She didn’t even have a present under her tree to unwrap come morning, or an open fire to curl up in front of.

As the light outside dimmed in the early evening that came with the winter weather, Penny considered taking a short walk in the fresh blanket of snow that had fallen if only to get out of the house. Deciding that it would be better than moping around, she carefully locked the back door and slipped on her thick coat and wrapped a scarf around her neck. Ear muffs nestled neatly over her ears, she opened the front door and stared out met by a sharp twang of surprised. On her porch was an envelope. She bent down and picked it up, tearing at the paper opening with gloved hands. She slipped out the little Christmas card. She recognised the writing almost immediately – Gareth’s – but the envelope had only had her name, no address, so it hadn’t been posted.
 "Follow the trail for a hidden treat"
Frowning, she set the card down just inside the house but soon understood. There, on the fresh white snow, were little pebbles set in the shape of an arrow. Feeling a little excited, Penny locked the front door and began to follow the arrows
She hadn’t been following for long before the arrows stopped. They ended with a “x” shape on the floor. Looking around for anything treat-worthy, she felt her short-lived happiness disappear. There was nothing.
“So much for a treat. I hate Christmas.” Grumbling, she turned to head home. Even the walk had been a let down. But... She couldn’t shake the feeling there was something more.
“You so do not hate Christmas.”The voice was quiet, a little gravelly, but oh-so-familiar.
“I hate Christmas when there’s nobody to share it with...” She dared to reply, not turning for fear he wouldn’t be there.
“But you do have someone to share it with.” This time, Penny did turn and when her eyes set on Gareth, she grinned.
“You’re home!” She threw her arms around him, holding him tight.
“I missed you. Egypt really isn’t as fun as they make it seem... at least, not on your own it isn’t. Figured it’d be better here, with you."
Suppressing a laugh, Penny kissed Gareth. Her heart flushed with warmth and cheer she had been missing less than an hour previously. It’d be a fine Christmas now.

~End~   ~ 525 words~

So thats just the first. I've got another on the way, which is sadly proving to be slightly more difficult as I'm trying to reduce the word limit.

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Morning all,

This is just a short, quick post to convey my thanks for a stranger who helped a person thus allowing me to start up my dreamwidth. So, Thank you Aine Silveria, for being kind-hearted and sharing. I send good thoughts and peace to you.



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